Other Projects

At times, I have had the opportunity to work on various projects that were less than full courses. This was particularly true when I worked on a federal grant for a local community college. Some of the work involved developing various course elements and sharing as Open Education Resources. For example, see the materials from the MTE105 Safety for Manufacturing Environments course.

Another aspect of this job involved working with faculty to develop new learning activities that were better suited to online and hybrid courses. For example, many of the homework assignments were taken straight from the course text and usually involved little more than recall. In order to help faculty see the benefit of alternative assignments, I reworked some homework examples and developed a document that both explained the rationale of the new approach as well as a completed assignment document that faculty to use immediately or edit. One such example is this assignment from EGT 201 – Engineering Materials.

I was also asked to develop a short advertisement that could run on local campus information monitors to inform students about courses. For this particular ad, I took the pictures and created the slides as requested by the faculty and in the format required by the marketing department.

At times, I have also presented at college professional development workshops and seminars. Below are two recent examples.

Several years ago, I was asked to develop an idea for a new course for an interdisciplinary program at a local university. The general requirements are explained here. Drawing on my own interests around the role of technology in society, I came up with a proposal for a course designed to explore the possible roles for technology in our future (e.g. savior, destroyer, etc.). A key element to the course was the use of open-ended group challenges. These are explained in my proposal as well as other aspects of the course.