CI 53yy

Note: at the time of development no course number had been selected so 53xx and 53yy were the working titles for the two classes underdevelopment.

Similar to 53xx, this course was a new design project in order to offer a fully online M.Ed. program. I was asked to develop a new online course that would replace the current capstone process, which was essentially an independent study. This course was the second in a two-semester sequence that would have students develop a proposal in the first semester and then their final project in the second semester. 53yy is the second semester class.

While this class was primarily designed to give students some structure as they completed their capstone project, the class also incorporated some assignments designed to encourage peer interaction and the feeling of a more collaborative process. In order to help control the pacing, several steps in the development of their project were called “milestones” and students assigned a peer partner with whom they would share the various drafts of their project. The idea here was to have someone, other than the instructor, who would would follow the develop of their project and provide ongoing feedback.