CI 53xx

Note: at the time of development no course number had been selected so 53xx and 53yy were the working titles for the two classes underdevelopment.

This course was a new design project. The Learning Technologies program was interested in offering a fully online M.Ed. program but did not have a solution for an online capstone class. I was asked to develop a new online course that would replace the current capstone process, which was essentially an independent study. My role was to serve as the primary developer of the course and present my solution to program area faculty for feedback and ultimate approval.

I ultimately developed a two-semester class. The first semester course (CI 53xx) was designed to give students an introduction to graduate research. Several assignments were developed that allowed students to begin to explore topics of interest with a goal of using the assignments to help select a final topic. Work done in this class would result in a proposal for their capstone project to be completed during the second semester class. Group activities were integral and provided students multiple opportunities to explore various aspects of graduate research.

The course was well received by program area faculty and later submitted to the department chair for review. I left the university before the completion of that process.